Company Policy
We always think about our contribution to environmental protection. We use IT(information technology) for efficiency and never spare any effort to provide the best quality products for our customers and advance toward global competition with our original technology.
We all aim at being cheerful, having a healthy mind, being happy at home and at work, and respecting each other's values.

写真:代表取締役社長 堀田 秀敏

Since the establishment of our company, we have made much progress in our extrusion molding technology. We aim to fulfill the needs of the modern age with our company's supply of high quality functional parts for automobiles and building construction. Our passion to excel has not changed since our company started.
Our company's motto for the 21st century is:
"Dedication to the protection of our environment.
Expansion into the international market.
Utilization of information technology to increase efficiency of production and our business."
In addition, we aim to be a reliable, unique and important company to our customers, and an attractive company for our employees to work in.
We look forward to your continued patronage.

President堀田 秀敏


HP flockHP flock

Low cost flocking using special process technology instead of electrostatic processes

HOTTY Silicone-coated PEEK TubeHOTTY Silicone-coated PEEK TubeSilicone-coated-PEEK-Tube

The combination of the silicone rubber and PEEK tubes expands the capability of high industrial technology

Sube-up LED CoverSube-up LED Cover

Combination of Sube-up-tube and Super-view-up technology!
It reduces the cost significantly by shortening the assembly time.

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