Energy and Enthusiasm, Our Employees are our Power
We aim to be a reliable, unique and important company to our customers, and an attractive company for our employees to work in. We are looking for motivated people with flexible ideas. If you are interested, or have any questions about our company, please don't hesitate to contact us.
We have in-house and external training system to promote employee's technical and management skills. We also pay attention to the importance of personal growth and creativity.
Positions Available

We currently have no vacancies.



HP flockHP flock

Low cost flocking using special process technology instead of electrostatic processes

HOTTY Silicone-coated PEEK TubeHOTTY Silicone-coated PEEK TubeSilicone-coated-PEEK-Tube

The combination of the silicone rubber and PEEK tubes expands the capability of high industrial technology

Sube-up LED CoverSube-up LED Cover

Combination of Sube-up-tube and Super-view-up technology!
It reduces the cost significantly by shortening the assembly time.

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