HP Flock

Low cost flocking using special process technology instead of electrostatic processes


HP-flock is an innovative process for flocking using special processing. HP-flock extrusions can reduce the production cost and environmental loading. Electrostatic flocking extrusions cost much because they require the secondly processes and adhesives for electrostatic flocking.
Unlike electrostatic flocking extrusions, HP-flock extrusions don't require masking and drying processes because they only use special processing. Many types of flocks can be selected, such as pile length, density, material and color. (Standard type :Nylon, 3.3dtx, 0.5mm). Multipoint processing and Sube-up(R) processing are possible at different points. As for base materials, various elastomers can be selected (TPO, TPS, EPDM, etc.). Please consult us for queries.

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HP-flock is environment friendly becasue it does not need adhesives.
HP-flock can reduce the production cost because it uses special processing at in-line process.
HP-flock can take a variety of designs because it can be colored.
Its sliding performance is as good as electrostatic flocking extrusions.


Weatherstrip for automobile, Glass run channel for automobile, Building gaskets, Table edges, etc.



HP flockHP flock

Low cost flocking using special process technology instead of electrostatic processes

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